retirement planning

Retirement planning is critical if you want to enjoy the second half of your life. Incentisure can help you assess, calculate, and effectively address your retirement future. 

Retirement Strategy takes you step-by-step through the significant phases of retirement planning:

Envisioning your retirement
Determining what retirement will cost
Funding your retirement
Protecting your retirement income

Stages of retirement
outlines the retirement cycles:

​Saving for retirement

Many of us may have seen our retirement savings eroded recently, and retirement may feel that much farther away. When conditions are difficult, you want to find ways to save that feel secure - and offer upside potential. Bottom line, it is more important than ever to continue to save, or start if you have not.
​Saving early pays off
If you start saving early, a small amount can make a big difference. Assume you start saving $3,000 per year at age 50, with an 8% return. At age 65 you'll have nearly $100,000. If you start saving the same $3,000 amount (at the same 8% return) at age 35 instead of at age 50, you'll have saved nearly 400,000 by age 65. That's four times as much. It pays to start early.

Nearing retirement:

Incentisure’s retirement solutions can help turn your retirement savings into a stream of income that will last a lifetime. If you're making the transition into retirement, you need to consider these questions:

Where will your retirement income come from?

When should you start receiving Social Security benefits?

​How can you plan ahead for rising healthcare costs?
Let Incentisure show you how to help maximize and protect your income in retirement.

In retirement:

By adjusting your personal retirement plan, you may be better positioned to generate enough income to last a lifetime. In Retirement remember, retirement planning is ongoing. Periodic adjustments are needed to ensure that you'll continue on the path toward your retirement goals. If you're in retirement, you may need to consider these questions:

How can you continue to generate a stream of income?
How can you help protect your retirement savings and assets from unplanned expenses?
What effect will working during retirement have on your Social Security benefits?

Incentisure can help you with all of your retirement decisions - before and after you retire